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As far as I can remember, the smell of wood has been a part of my life since my early childhood – almost all men in our family were working in the woods. Later on, my journey into the beautiful world of wood continued. After leaving school, I started working on a sheep farm, where the wood in the surrounding nature became an everyday part of my life. So I learned how to saw and dry it in a way that preserves its natural beauty. This evolved into my passion for wood stabilizing, to which I have already devoted several years.

The advantage of stabilized wood is the preservation of its natural beauty, but it also opens up the possibility to add a tasteful pinch of colour. That way, the wood grain can be brought out or the very own characteristics of a piece of wood can be accentuated.


What is wood stabilizing?

Basically, wood stabilizing means impregnating wood with polymers or epoxy resin. By applying vacuum in a stabilizing chamber, all air and moisture contained in the piece of wood being stabilized is sucked out. The vacuum is then released, so that the resin can soak into the wood cells and the space between them and harden.

After its done, the wood stops changing its shape and absorbing water and it becomes resistant to certain chemicals.

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All wood is sold out, but I'm working on another batch. Visit me in a few days or contact me by e-mail.
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